Gin Siderit Hibiscus

Hibiscus or Jamaica flower has been used since inmemorial times to elaborate a drink with multiple medicinal properties in such distant places as Asia, Africa or the Caribbean.

Siderit Hibiscus Gin is a Floral Gin made in Cantabria, northern Spain, distilled from rye alcohol. Its main feature is the floral character arising from a double maceration and a triple distillation in a fractional distillation column with reflux, in a complete glass equipment that eliminates foreign tastes and odors. Every distillation in these equipments of own design is equivalent to five distillations of a traditional alembic.

The Hibiscus Sabdariffa is a magic and exotic plant, native to tropical Africa cherished by the Caribbean due to its edible and aromatic calyx, as well as for its beneficial health properties.