Vodka Siderit Lactée

Siderit Vodka Lactée is an ultra-premium vodka, delicately produced, out of the alcohol obtained from the fermentation of the milk sugars. After several distillations through a fractioning column, a very pure alcohol with different taste notes is obtained.

To close the process, the distillate is diluted with spring water with the lowest mineral content in the Iberian Peninsula, from Ortigosa del Monte at the Northern slope of the mountains of Guadarrama. Quadruple filtration on a equipment worthy of the best laboratories, with natural filtering materials, that remove any impurity in its itinerary for more than 24 hours. Finally, the vodka is equilibrated in a tank for a minimum of two months to reach its maximum splendour.

From the care and dedication of its creators, Leivas & Prieto, an ultra-premium vodka is born, not able to leave indifferent any of the most experienced taster.